Company president Todd Tober talks about transitioning to steel and offsite modular construction.

Todd Tober of Tober Building Company (TBC) and Tober Volume Elements (ToVee) has championed the transformation from traditional building methods to volumetric construction, starting with his own businesses. He recently took time out from his busy schedule to answer some questions about his philosophies around construction – specifically in relation to his decisions to embrace offsite, modular building.  Read [...]

Company president Todd Tober talks about transitioning to steel and offsite modular construction.2020-12-09T23:53:07-05:00

Towpath Trail High School Phase 2

Tober Building Company is now under contract for Towpath High School phase 2. Phase two is a remodel of the adjoining building to phase 1. Phase 2 will include new bathrooms, offices, and vocational classrooms. This addition will increase the school's size by about 50%. We, at Tober, are looking forward to a great project.

Towpath Trail High School Phase 22018-09-07T09:33:06-04:00

2707 Barber Ave

Tober Building Company has recently been awarded the 2707 Barber Avenue project, located between Tremont and Ohio City up in Cleveland. The project is turning the old J. Spang Bakery into market-rate apartments. The project was recently started and is projected to be completed in early Fall 2019.

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Salvation Army Update

After Tober Building Company completed the Salvation Army's Hydroponic-Grow Room renovation, TBC donated time and material to build reading tents for at-risk youth. As part of Salvation Army's reading program, the tents help make help reading more fun. As you can see, they're getting plenty of use!

Salvation Army Update2018-07-30T15:07:41-04:00

Conneaut Manor – Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to everyone involved in the reopening of Conneaut Manor. On Friday, July 13, 2018 there was a grand reopening ribbon cutting ceremony at the building. The renovations consisted of interior and exterior improvements. The tenant's units were completely renovated as well as all the common areas. The exterior also got a new parking lot [...]

Conneaut Manor – Ribbon Cutting2018-07-19T11:05:55-04:00

Stoney Pointe Commons – Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to everyone involved in the completion of phase one of Stoney Pointe Commons. Tober Development Company hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, July 12th. Several key members of the development process spoke, such as: -Todd Tober, Tober Development Company -Keith Stahl, Community Support Services -Tony O'Leary, Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority -William Dalman, Ohio [...]

Stoney Pointe Commons – Ribbon Cutting2018-07-18T10:46:44-04:00

Medina Creative Living – Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to Medina Creative Living on their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. This year Tober Building Company has built 8 custom units in 2 single-story buildings for Medina Creative Living. They combined the grand opening with their Annual Independence Walk. You can find more information about the walk and the ribbon cutting HERE. Medina Creative Living has several [...]

Medina Creative Living – Ribbon Cutting2018-07-18T16:20:16-04:00

Stoney Pointe Commons – Update

Many things are going on at Stoney Pointe to finish the project on time. The site is being prepped for its parking lot, finishes are going in on the 4th floor, the 3rd floor is being painted, on the 2nd floor drywall is being finished, and drywall is being hung in the 1st floor. Electrical, [...]

Stoney Pointe Commons – Update2018-06-04T11:07:04-04:00